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In today’s B2B sales the way in which companies communicate with their customers is becoming increasingly important. It is common, especially in larger companies where often a professional procurement organisation is implemented, for at least three suppliers of similar products and solutions to tender for the same contract.

In order to be successful in tender and offer procedures it is essential to be involved early enough in the procurement process in order to select the right sales strategy. This is a challenging and responsible task for your company’s communication policy and sales department.

The three most important questions here are:

  • How and when does your customer get the right information about your company and your products
  • How and when do you get the right information about your customer
  • How and when do you get the right information about your competitors

To answer these questions is the main task of your communication and sales department of your company and this task is often not so easy. Complex decision making structures at your customers, heterogeneous supplier environment and more and more quickly changing sales situations additionally increases the pressure on your sales team. But which challenges motivate companies to enforce their sales and/or communication policy via outsourcing?

These challenges can be:

  • Image improvement of the company
  • Low ‘win rate’ of the existing sales team
  • Tiring new customer acquisition
  • Irregular order entry
  • Slow build up of a sales team for time critical products (window of opportunity)
  • No new hiring for projects
  • To be new in a sales region and a quick and economic sales success is requested
  • Short term filling of a vacant sales region
  • Own sales employees are to expensive for cold acquisition tasks and C-customers care

If at least one of the above points applies to your company then please visit our website. And if you like our concept we would be happy to hear from you.

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