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The customer is a big international active systemintegrator for IT and telco solutions with several branch lines of business, approx. 600 employees. Target customers are all mobil and fixed network providers, ISP’s, operators of large company owned networks and utilities in the CEE region (with focus on Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia)


The punch of the sales team shall be reinforced by following activities:

  • Implementation of methods and processes in the areas of communication and sales
  • Personal support of the existing sales teams by additional sales resources


- Analyses of the current status

  • Companies philosophy (Mission, Vision, Strategy)
  • People (skills, experiences, soft skills, etc.)
  • Products and Solutions (own solutions, 3rd party, USP’s, SWOT)
  • Customers (Documentation, Org.-charts, relations)
  • Partners (Relation to partners, qualification process, etc.)
  • Competitors (Definition of the competitors, SWOT-Analysis)
  • - Processes (reporting, approvals, budgeting, target setting, project qualification, etc.)

- Definition of target state

  • Sales strategy
  • Yearly budget (revenue, margin contribution 1-4)
  • People (which people with which skills are necessary for the target achievement)
  • Products and solutions (with which solutions we go to the market)
  • Customers (Segmentation into A,B,C customers)
  • Partners (Segmentation of partners)

- Creation of an activity plan

- Realisation of the project

nextsales tasks:

  • Management of the creation of the budget for communication and sales
  • Implementation of deal qualification processes
  • Implementation of a sales method (TAS from nextsales)
  • Sales team education
  • Implementation of the sales reporting system
  • Management of the sales team
  • Direct coverage of the biggest key account in Hungary (with P&L responsibility)
  • Creation of a communication plan, definition of marketing and PR-activities
  • Sales reporting to the mother company

nextsales ressources:

1,5 Headcounts


  • Implelentation of the communication and sales processes already 4 weeks after beginning of the project
  • Acceptance of the new processes by the account team, improvement of the motivation
  • Aquisition of a significant contract with a key account already 8 month after project start
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