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The customer is a big asian vendor of telecom enduser equipment. The group employs 20.000 employees worldwide. Target customers are all mobil and fixed network operators and retailers worldwide.


A new mobile end device shall be launched on the market. All sales activities and all related tasks (communication, selection of channel partners, service partner, etc.) shall be taken over for Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. The goal of the project is to place 300.000! devices on the market – in 6 month.


- Analyses of current status

  • Product (USP, Marketingmaterials, CE-Certification, Documentation, Set up of a pricing structure, etc.)
  • Customers (which customers, mobile operators and/or retailers)
  • Partner (distribution and service partner network)
  • Competition (market analysis)

- Definition of target state

  • Sales strategy
  • Yearly budget
  • People (which people ressources with which skills are necessary to achieve the target)
  • Customers (Definition of the target group)
  • Partners (Selection of partners)

- Setup of an activity plan

- Realisation of the project

nextsales tasks:

  • Localisation of the documentation of the product to the local standards and languages
  • Revision if the device fulfils all technical standards and requirements
  • Erstellung eines Kommunikationsplanes, Definition von Marketing- und PR Aktionen
  • Creation of a communication plan, definition of marketing and PR activities, realisation of a roadshow
  • Produkt presentations
  • Creation of partner contracts
  • Contract negotiations with customers and partners

nextsales ressources:

0,5 headcounts for 6 months


The project is in the realisation phase and the device is short before launch.
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