Inside Sales

Leadgeneration and -qualification:

Did you know that sales people on average spend only 10-15% of their working time with the generation of leads. The explanation is easy - it’s the kind of work itself. Lead generation and qualification is energy consuming and requires high motivation, dedication and a high level of tolerance against rejection and failure. Our team is specially educated, professional, and motivated with proper question asking techniques to generate and qualify leads.

Gathering addresses:

You want to free your sales people from energy and time consuming tasks for gathering addresses? You don’t know which target group you shall contact for your offers? We take over these tasks for you, quickly and competently with a high hit rate. 

Address and data management as a service:

You want to clean your data records, but don’t have the necessary resources and capacities or want to avoid investments in software? No problem – we offer a data and address management service. You supply your data (which will be treated confidentially), we check the records for duplicates and consistency and make the related corrections and cleaning tasks.

Account Manager on demand

Our regional network of experienced sales professionals makes the entrance to customers in our region more easy. Our account mangers have a long term experience at well known companies and utilise at their work existing networks in the IT, telecommunication, banking, insurance, utilities and governments industries.
When we take over a project, we are sure that we will share success with our customer. We are very careful in selecting our clients and partners. This enables us to charge for our services for a high percentage based on joined success with our clients

Typical of tasks, which we take over in the frame of our activities:

  • Presentation at customers
  • Generation of demand
  • Pre-Sales Consulting
  • Working out of offers
  • Sales negotiations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Cross-/Up Selling

Manager on-demand for communication and sales

Often in the process of building up or enlargement of new fields of business there are a lack of resources in the management of communication and sales processes.
The accelerated build up of the strengths of the company and innovations may be blocked. Experienced mangers on demand can help in such situations. The focus here is not only the conception but much more the active realisation of the change process – the ‘manger on demand’ takes over responsibility for employees and target fulfilment. The difference compared to traditional consulting services is that our ‘mangers on demand’ make sure that the challenges and tasks are really getting realised.

Typical tasks:

  • Sales management for a period of time
  • Support of the sales management
  • Support in building up strategic alliances
  • Identification and building up new market segments
  • Lobbying/Networking
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